Factory Photography at Browns Food Co

Factory Photography at Browns Food Co

If there is one thing that I find both exciting and terrifying about photography, it is how versatile it can be. One minute you’re photographing food and the next thing you know you’re walking through an entire cheese factory.

This was no easy feat. A good photographer is more than just a camera and great lighting. With a good brief and an experienced eye, you can capture great images in even the simplest of settings. With that being said, my walk around the Browns Food Co factory was an eye opener. When shooting food, you’re in control of everything however that obviously does not translate when shooting people and let’s not even try imagine if those people are tasked with meeting certain production quotas. What this means is that you have seconds to capture a moment before awkwardly asking for the same motion to be robotically repeated for the sake of your camera.

With a much greater respect for lifestyle photographers, I shot away and somehow managed to capture a couple of images that may not have been approved but I was still quite proud of how they turned out.

Main factory (photo by 5 Foot 2 Snaps)
Separating cheese (photo by 5 Foot 2 Snaps)
A worker stacks cheese in the main factory (photo by 5 Foot 2 Snaps)
Stacks of Camembert and Brie (photo by 5 Foot 2 Snaps)
One of the cheese caves (photo by 5 Foot 2 Snaps)
Polished Gouda in one of the larger cheese caves (photo by 5 Foot 2 Snaps)

Here’s hoping that 2021 gives us the gift of farm tours and lunches at the Browns Food Co farm so that every cheese lover out there can have a turn at walking through this vibrant factory!